Connecting Students-Parents-Teachers

For Admin

All the collaboration tools you need to improve learning outcomes, productivity, and building teacher’s capacity.

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For Parent

ClassTune is designed in such a way, that you get a simple and intuitive way to stay in your child’s learning activities.

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For Teacher

ClassTune is designed in such a way that gives you the complete control over your digital classroom.

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Managing school is easier than ever before...

ClassTune is the bridge among Students, Parents and Teachers. It is the easiest and quickest way for School Administrator to connect anyone related to School in a single platform.


Pick up and drop off time of your child’s school transport now can be checked online. Any changes in the transport schedule can reach parents in minutes.


Applying for leave is now hassle free! Parents can apply for Student’s leave and get notification once granted. Teachers can approve Students leave and can apply for their own leaves also.


This feature is convenient for everyone! Teachers can assign homework to whole class or individual student. Students now can find homework easily. Set reminder and mark done once completed and parents can keep track of homework assigned to child.

Teacher’s Routine

Now teachers can see their day to day schedule and make plans accordingly. Surely accelerate better outputs.

Academic Calendar

School can share the academic calendar in the beginning of the year with the authority of modification when required. It helps parents to plan family holidays.


Parents can pay fees online using credit card or mobile money. Great tool for monitoring payment and keeping school’s accounts.


All school forms are now available from mobile and web. Fill it up and submit online. Zero crowd in office room thus higher productivity.

Report Card

Teacher can upload the report card of class tests, exams, projects and students can see it online. Students can place it for parents view and after reviewing parents can send acknowledgement to school.

Lesson Plan

Teachers can upload weekly, monthly and yearly lesson plans. It allows students and parents to plan ahead of time.


Any notice without any word limitation can be sent. Its real time and interactive. Instant notification to parents.


Events page keeps everyone updated about date, timing and venue of any event coming up in the school. It also sends necessary reminders.


Meeting Request

School admin can organize parents meets and notify parents quickly. Parents can request to meet teachers. Even teachers can request an individual parent for meeting.


Schools are enabled to upload yearly syllabus. Students, Parents and Teachers can refer to syllabus on the go.


  • Homework
  • Attendance
  • Routine
  • Teacher's Routine
  • Academic Calendar
  • Report Card
  • Leave
  • Lesson Plan
  • Notice
  • Meeting Request
  • Transport
  • Event
  • Syllabus
  • Forms
  • Fees