Connecting Students-Parents-Teachers

For Admin

All the collaboration tools you need to improve learning outcomes, productivity, and building teacher’s capacity.

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For Parent

ClassTune is designed in such a way, that you get a simple and intuitive way to stay in your child’s learning activities.

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For Teacher

ClassTune is designed in such a way that gives you the complete control over your digital classroom.

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School Users, enjoy the easy record keepings, and hassle free school works!

ClassTune makes institutional monitoring and management of school activity easy and effective. Rich, align, and engage teachers, students, and parents from all your schools in one platform. It accelerates parental engagement and advocates corrective measures to improve learning outcomes.

  • Attendance

    See attendance of your entire school at one platform. More specifically every class, every section. Take help to keep track of entire school easily. Refer attendance record when needed. At-a-glance class and student views let you quickly get counts of total classes missed by student.

    See attendance of your entire school at one platform.

  • Academic Calendar

    Upload your academic calendar and make it visible to everyone related. Help everyone to plan for future. Post academic calendar at the beginning of the year with flexibility of modification as and when required.

    All important dates are at your finger tips.

  • Lesson Plan

    Lesson plan will be available online and modify when required. Facilitate to trace lesson plan against academic calendar.

    Updated lesson plan for school’s convenience.

  • Teacher’s Routine

    Upload Teacher’s routine for their convenience and better productivity. Keep an eye on daily and weekly routine of an individual teacher.

    Uploaded Teacher’s routine for their convenience.

  • Homework

    Check out homework of a student, a particular class section or whole school at one platform.

    Flexibility to check every class’s homework.

  • Fees

    Schedule fees and prompt automated fee reminder for pending payments. Never worry about managing fee collection and generating/maintaining receipts. Great tool for monitoring payment and keeping school’s accounts.

    Hassle free fees collection.

  • Forms

    Upload all the necessary forms of your school so that whoever needs it, can download and use. Lessen the queues in the office room and attain higher efficiency in administration.

    All necessary forms available online.

  • Meeting Request

    How important it is to meet with all teachers and parents! Set meetings easily now and even modify for any sudden changes. Organize Parents’ Meet and notify them quickly.

    Call for a meeting is so easy now!

  • Report Card

    Class Tests, Exam Reports and Project Reports are now available absolutely in digital format. It will also serve as your archive. Create, customize, develop, and distribute report cards like never before.

    Online Archive of Report Cards

  • Events

    Reach Students, Parents and Teachers instantly with event updates. Create and modify events anytime. Know how many students, teachers or parents are joining your event.

    One platform for all event updates!

  • Transport

    Make all the transport plans and upload here. Changes in transport schedules can now reach parents in minutes.

    See transport schedule

  • Routine

    Make the routine of any class, any section here and publish it for everyone’s view. Enjoy the flexibility to make changes when necessary and send instant notification.

    Upload routine with the flexibility of modification

  • Syllabus

    Enable schools to upload yearly syllabus in the system. Let you to generate class-wise or exam-wise syllabus and keep a track on the syllabus status of each class.

    Upload your school’s yearly syllabus

  • Notice

    Any urgent notice to circulate? No worries! Notices are now real time, interactive and no more limitation of SMS of 160 characters. Send notice to a single student or a single class or the whole school.

    Circulate your notices instantly

  • Leave

    Facilitates online leave application, and approval with notifications. Stay away from maintaining leave approvals letter for year long. Leave application approval closely integrated with attendance.

    Easy to make and approve leave applications