Things that will make you progress better!

Students, maintaining your academic concerns are so easy now!

ClassTune is giving you everything that you need to maintain your good result, also enjoy all the school activities.

ClassTune is designed in such a way that you get to connect, interact with your Teachers even when you are out of school and make your performance visible for your parents. Managing education and extracurricular activities is much simpler and presented in a way that you like.

  • Attendance

    Find your attendance report on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Watch out for the number of days you were late in the class.

    Keep a tab on your attendance report

  • Academic Calendar

    See your academic calendar online and help your family make vacation plans accordingly. Get all your school event updates in ClassTune now.

    All important updates are at your finger tips

  • Lesson Plan

    Look out your lesson plans and prepare yourself accordingly. Be ahead of time and ensure better grades as you’ll be prepared.

    Be ahead of time!

  • Homework

    View your homework of specific subjects from your ClassTune account and never miss the homework deadline. Set reminder and click done once completed.

    Find assigned homework easily

  • Forms

    All sorts of school forms are now available from phone and web. Fill up forms and submit it online. You don’t have to rush to school office for getting forms.

    All necessary forms available online.

  • Report Card

    See your report card online and set it for your parents to view. Keep your report card as archive.

    Online Archive of Report Cards

  • Events

    Don’t miss out any events from now on! Be it sports day, club event or yearly picnic; get all your school event updates in ClassTune now.

    Be updated with all school events!

  • Transport

    Watch out pick up and drop of time of your school transport. Check out if transport is on time or not.

    See transport schedule

  • Routine

    Check out your daily routine here and get instant updates. You’ll not ever forget to bring books and prepare for the class study material.

    Be prepared for tomorrow’s class

  • Syllabus

    Know your subject-wise and exam-wise syllabus from ClassTune in a single click. Prepare yourselves for exam accordingly.

    Your syllabus will be here!

  • Notice

    Missing some important school notices! Don’t worry; your school notice board is reflected in ClassTune.

    Watch out your school notice board!

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