Make your each contribution, more significant!

Teachers, now you can focus more on your academic plans!

ClassTune is designed in such a way that gives you the complete control over your digital classroom. ClassTune empowers you to build relationships with your students in an environment they know and love. ClassTune is free for teachers and always will be.

With everything on one platform, ClassTune reinforces and enhances what you're already doing in the classroom.

  • Attendance

    Taking attendance is now hassle and paper free. Complete attendance taking of whole class in 2 minutes digitally with just few clicks and send real time notification to respective parents. Concentrate more in class activities.

    Taking Attendance is now just a tap away!

  • Academic Calendar

    Check academic calendar from your ClassTune account and plan your holidays or any important events accordingly.

    Look up every important date

  • Lesson Plan

    Upload weekly, monthly and yearly lesson plans digitally and map it against school calendar. Share your lesson plans with your students.

    Upload and share your Lesson Plan

  • Teacher’s Routine

    Have a look of daily and weekly class routine and check scheduled meetings to attend. View classes to take and avoid any conflict of schedules.

    Manage Schedule smoothly

  • Homework

    No more writing in the diary! Write your daily homework here, set the deadline and send instant notification to whole class or an individual student.

    Assign Homework digitally

  • Meeting Request

    Communicate with parents in single platform. Request an individual parent to a meeting or receive instantaneous notifications from parents for a meeting.

    Call for a Meeting is so easy now!

  • Report Card

    Lets you create, customize, develop, and distribute report cards like never before. Upload student report card here and retrieve it in the future.

    Generate Report Card more efficiently

  • Events

    Keep a list of all the extra-curricular activities happening in the school. Keep a track of the upcoming activities and create events when you are the organizer.

    Be updated with all school Events!

  • Syllabus

    Upload subject-wise or exam-wise syllabus and keep students and parents updated. Edit and modify as and when required.

    Upload Syllabus online

  • Notice

    Miss any important school notice! No worries; your school notice board is reflected in ClassTune.

    Watch out your school notice board!

  • Leave

    Fill up the online leave form from phone or computer and submit it. Get notified once granted. Grant approval to student’s leave also.

    Applying for leave is hassle free!